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In late 2020, Accenture CEO Julie Sweet stated: "What COVID has done, we thought would take a decade. We are in a ‘once in a digital era’ moment. Business is 20% in the cloud today but we think we are going rapidly to 80%.

For associations, we believe this means that the vast amounts of member data created from this accelerating explosion of digital activity places your staff, leadership, board, and target audience at risk of being slow to spot important developments.

Going forward, member-based organizations will benefit more than ever from enabling everyone to be on the front lines of looking for changes, identifying new member clusters and trends, and giving the organization every opportunity to be alert and responsive. "Analytics for Everyone" is the approach that makes this possible.

View this fast-moving presentation to hear how the American Association for Justice and the Tax Executives Institute have benefitted from making data analytics available throughout their organizations.

This webinar is part of the UST Education Series